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For decades Timesharing has been the best way to save time and money while traveling to some of the world's finest resorts.

TransferATimeshareTitle.com can handle all of your travel needs! From business travel, family vacations, or just a weekend away you can rent or buy an ideal timeshare resort to take you there.


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Timeshare Deed Recording

Once a fully executed timeshare deed has been received in our office, the Notary on staff will verify that the timeshare deed is notarized properly, verify for dates and all signatures. We then prepare checks for the registry. Which are the Recording Fee and when necessary a Transfer Tax Fee which is based on the sales price of the timeshare. Our staff has the computer program which allows us the ability to calculate the recording fees and transfer taxes when it is applicable for the timeshare deed.

Our Paralegal will prepare a letter to the registry requesting the recording of the timeshare deed and enclose a self addressed envelope to take receipt of the original timeshare deed. Once the timeshare deed is put into the US mail, the closing staff will generally wait 7-10 days before we start following the deed online. Then the staff will follow up on the timeshare deed process every few days to confirm the recording. This process can take up to two weeks or more until we get the confirmation of the recording. At this point the closing company is at the mercy of the registry. We have no control of how long the registry will take to record. Many registries across the country are understaffed, so the process can be a slow one.

Some states have now been set up for e-recording. This process saves both time and money for the economically stressed registries. This process allows the Notary in the closing company to take the responsibility to review the timeshare deed to ensure it has been executed properly, and then the trained assigned staff along with the Notary, will scan the executed timeshare deed, and email it to participating registry. Within minutes or a day, the registry confirms the recording, and the recorded timeshare deed is available on line for us to print and attach the recording information to the original signed timeshare deed. With this new process, the wait time has been reduced so much that we can save weeks to process the final transfer of ownership.

The e-recorded timeshare original document never goes to the registry. We at the closing company are responsible to attach the information to the signed deed and ensure the new owner has all the recorded information.
Once the copy of the deed is pulled off line and printed, or original deed received from the registry, we then mail a copy of the recorded timeshare deed to the resort. At this point the closing company is at once again at the mercy of the resort, we do follow-up calls until the resort then confirms the transfer.

In residential real estate, once the deed is recorded, the property is yours, in the timeshare world, the property is yours however, the resort now reviews the timeshare deed, they must accept it, then they will finalize the transfer and consider the sale complete!
Once we have the transfer confirmation, we then send out the original recorded timeshare deed to the new owners along with a letter letting them know the transfer is complete, and the timeshare deed should be stored in a safe place along with their other important legal documents.